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Your guide to latest information in color wheels.

Experience The Color Wheel Chart

Welcome to Colors-4Life.com. Experience the Color Wheel Chart: Colors effect every part of life. The colors on the artists wheel is the foundation of color theory. Color wheels explore color concepts and color symbolism for your favorite colors.

The Colour Wheel
Creating Color Schemes

100% Free Interactive Color Wheel 

Interactive HEX HTML Color Schemer

Use this FREE HTML and HEX color codes software to get perfect shades of colors for performers, and artists with the fashion color chart and the color wheel.

Use this interactive color codes chart, and get free hex code or html code for your primary color schemes. 

There are an array of shades that are composed of endless hues of colors that we see and use every day.  Color theory and the use of the color mixing wheel is a tool we use to guide us through these many colors. 

Download Free Printable Color Chart Wheel

Color Wheel Chart Basic

Artists colors, and colours used for painters give unlimited color wheel shade combinations. The primary colors, secondary colors, and color mixing wheel are tools that will help you create unique color schemes, for your decorating ideas, hair dye colors, fashion colors, and more.

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color wheel chart
Color Wheel Chart
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Information for artists colors, complementary colors, and contrasting colors, will help you learn how to mix and create with the basic color wheel. 

RYB Colors

RYB Colors Primary

The RYB color model is the same as the triangular model used for performers, and artists paint shades and colors.  

The main color shades for RYB color wheel chart are red, yellowish, and blue.  Furthermore, these three shades cannot be made from combining another shade.  These are the shades that most artists, the fashion sectors, and teachers of the world use to create their shade concepts.

RGB Colors

RGB Colors Primary

RGB color model or triangular model for computers, televisions, and all other electronic devices, and systems.  

The main colors of the RGB color wheel chart are red, green, and blue.

Hex color codes, and HTML color codes are derived, and turned into RGB shades.  Also, the Pantone Colors of fashion and style are sometimes developed using the RGB design color scheme.

Secondary Colours

Secondary Colors

Secondary colours and tertiary colors.

Colours that are secondary are violet, green, and orange.

Secondary colors are vivid colours.

Two primary colors mixed together are secondary.  Combining primary colors and secondary colors creates tertiary colors.

Complimentary Color Wheel

Complimentary Color Wheel

Complimenting colours are opposites on the color mixing wheel. One will be cool, and the other is warm.

Complimentary colours & Split complimentary colors

These colors enhance each other.  One color is used as the base, and the other shade is used as the accent hue.  Contrasting colors that are harmonious.

Mood Ring Color Chart

Mood Ring Color Chart

Mood ring color wheels help us explore color concepts, and color symbolism related to feelings.

Colors are the infinitive and basic element of everything we do, and see. 

Particular feelings give meanings, and assigned associations to colors. Since ancient Greece specific color associations have been linked to feelings.

Roses and Flowers

red roses bouquet

Roses have become an important symbolic tool provided by nature.

Colors and meanings of yellow roses, blue roses, pink rose and so many more are almost impossible to count, and the symbolism are a part of American culture. 

  • Love flower meanings Love flowers are carnations, roses, and many more.  They are a perfect example of how to use adapt color theory in nature.  
  • Much depends on the culture, lifestyle, and personal tastes that invoke such feelings. 
  • The symbolism is usually bound by culture, and varies across continents.

The Color Wheel

Primary Color Wheel

The primary colors on the wheel. What are the primary colors? Leonardo da Vinci, in 1490, was the first to use colour theory, and expand upon the concepts of primary colors and the wheel theory of color.

The use of primary colors enhanced the importance of the color chart.  One of the reasons we still use the colour wheel today is because of Leonardo.

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